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If you would like to take a look at some of the topics previously covered in the DPIA, click on the links below to read some of our historic issues from the past few months.

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15th November 2022 Is outsourcing the solution to data protection compliance during a downturn? View
1st November 2022 Google Analytics 4 doesn’t have to be scary – here’s what you need to know View
18th October 2022 Biden signs Executive Order to implement the EU-US data privacy framework View
4th October 2022 What is Data Protection by Design? View
20th September 2022 DP Index results: DPOs indicate that a ‘senior responsible individual’ will not be in the best interest of the data subjects View
6th September 2022 Clinical trials: Ensuring there is no ‘trial and error’ for sponsors when it comes to data protection View
23rd August 2022 The do’s and don’ts of processing biometric data View
9th August 2022 DBS Checks: how to stay compliant with UK GDPR View
26th July 2022 Your DSAR questions answered View
12th July 2022 Future global data protection laws – what can we expect? View
28th June 2022 DCMS consultation response – greater clarity or mass uncertainty? View
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31st May 2022 Top 5 DSAR challenges and how to deal with them View
17th May 2022 Happy Birthday GDPR: Looking into the future technology and global privacy View
3rd May 2022 Website cookies – past, present and future View
19th April 2022 AI and Article 22: The need for meaningful human review View
5th April 2022 Vendor due diligence – what you need to consider View
22nd March 2022 Bcc Vs Cc – Bulk email practices explained View
8th March 2022 Discrimination and AI: ensuring fairness in data View
22nd Feb 2022 Password management – why ‘password’ shouldn’t be your password View
8th Feb 2022 How does corporate structure affect GDPR compliance? View
25th Jan 2022 AI and the right to an explanation View
11th Jan 2022 Can we keep a record of vaccinated employees or customers? View
29th Dec 2021 Brexit – a year in review View
14th Dec 2021 DPIAs – the DPO Centre ‘how to’ guide View
30th Nov 2021 Hiring a Data Protection Officer – internal vs outsourced View
16th Nov 2021 DPIAs and AIAs: The AI data controller’s best friends View
2nd Nov 2021 DCMS Consultation – The five things you need to know View
19th Oct 2021 UK Data Protection Index results reveal drop in DPOs’ compliance confidence View
5th Oct 2021 Five key considerations for the use of AI View
21st Sept 2021 GDPR for marketing – the DPO’s guide 2021 View
7th Sept 2021 Third party DSAR portals – good or bad? View
24th Aug 2021 Is digital data protection training enough? View
10th Aug 2021 The Data Protection Act 2018 – The 7 principles of the GDPR View
27th July 2021 Data retention – the big privacy headache View
13th July 2021 The Do’s and Don’ts of monitoring employees using CCTV View
29th June 2021 The ICO’s Age-appropriate Design Code – 2 months to comply View