GDPR Data Protection Staff Awareness & Compliance Training Courses

The GDPR requires that “appropriate organisational and technical measures” are put in place to demonstrate compliance. A very high percentage of data breaches can be attributed to human error, so staff training is a vitally important aspect of your overall compliance and data protection program.

At the DPO Centre, we provide a range of tailored training services including:

For directors and senior stakeholders

Training to provide general awareness on the regulations as well as governance and accountability requirements for directors and senior stakeholders.

For general data facing staff

Covering basic review of the GDPR and data protection in general.  Training is then tailored to reflect an organisation’s specific processes and policies to make them directly relevant and practical for the course attendees.

Department managers and data ‘owners’

More in-depth sessions that not only cover basic awareness requirements, but also specific organisational issues that each manager or data owner needs to be aware of within their specific departments.

Annual refresher training

Training to ensure data facing staff can demonstrate a minimum level of competency and understanding of data protection requirements over time.

This is normally achieved through relatively short (~20 minute) annual online training sessions.  Staff are informed of recent changes to data protection policies or practices and their knowledge is confirmed through online multiple-choice tests.

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GDPR Data Protection Awareness & Compliance Training Courses

“Guidance has been offered at every stage of the project, and we have felt supported in adopting the new GDPR processes. Importantly the task has never seemed overwhelming with their help; we have some 41 retail stores as well as trade locations and warehouses, so it could have been a daunting project, however the team at The DPO Centre never scare-mongered and simply worked diligently and systematically with us, giving us all complete confidence in their work.”

Henrico Doward
Hughes Electrical

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Training Packages to Suit Every Organisation

Seminar Presentations

Our seminar presentations, using slides and a projector, are ideal for larger groups.  The content of these presentations are bespoke and can evolve as the personnel within your organisation progress with their GDPR/DPA knowledge. The slides used within the seminar can be sent out to you after the session, so that you can disseminate to all members of staff who were unable to attend, or for any new staff members who join after the session.

Ideal For: Larger Groups

Workshop Groups

Our bespoke interactive workshops are more suitable for smaller groups, whether this is a smaller organisation, or a small number of key personnel from a large organisation.  The content of these workshops is created specifically for your organisation, taking into account any existing knowledge and focusing on different departments if required.  So, if you would like a compliance refresher course for all 10 of your employees, or you want your HR department to learn about the pitfalls of handling personal data, our workshops are ideal.

Ideal For: Smaller Groups

Bespoke Compliance Quizzes

Our compliance quizzes, which are completed online, are an excellent vehicle for ensuring that your personnel are regularly updated on their data protection knowledge.  Furthermore, because the quiz questions are entirely bespoke, they can be very specific to your organisation, reflecting real situations and scenarios within your company.  The results of our quizzes are returned to you in a usable format for your internal training records.

Ideal For: Everyone


Highly cost effective training solutions
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Experience and shared best practice gained from working with over 500 clients
Qualified, experienced data protection professional training on site with your team
Pre-existing model training documentation tested and validated across varied industry sectors
Bespoke training based on a pre-existing knowledge of your organisation
Bespoke training sessions to suit all organisations, regardless of size or complexity


We work with organisations in a wide variety of sectors, including:

Medical and Healthcare

Medical and

Software and Technology

Software and

Retail and eCommerce

Retail and

Finance and Insurance

and Insurance

Education, Schools and Colleges

Education, Schools
and Colleges

Charities and Not-for-profit

Charities and

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