GDPR Data Protection Staff Awareness & Compliance Training Courses

The GDPR requires that “appropriate technical and organisational measures” are put in place to demonstrate compliance with data protection standards. One of these measures is to provide appropriate staff training.  A very high percentage of data breaches can be attributed to human error, so staff awareness of GDPR compliance and basic data protection concepts is essential. 

What differentiates our data protection training and awareness sessions from others is that they are specifically tailored to your bespoke requirements and environment. They are therefore based partly upon the requirements of legislation, but also on the requirements and expectations of your internal policies. This therefore ensures that staff are not only provided with awareness of the legislation in general, but just as importantly, how it relates to the expectations imposed upon them through your internal policies.

With data protection training courses from The DPO Centre, your staff will have a stronger understanding of these concepts and the requirements of data protection law.  Each module delivered concludes with an “Assessment of understanding” that is completed directly online. The purpose being to ensure a minimum level of knowledge has been achieved such that a personalised certificate can be issued. The combined results from these assessments then provide you with the supporting evidence to demonstrate your accountability with data protection law.

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Data Protection Awareness Training

At The DPO Centre, we provide a range of tailored data protection compliance training geared toward various members of your organisation. Directors, senior stakeholders, department managers, information asset owners and general personal data facing staff all have their part to play in protecting personal data , so all of these roles should undergo varying degrees of data protection awareness training. 

Data Protection Training for Directors and Senior Stakeholders

Data protection compliance courses for directors and senior stakeholders focus on general awareness of the various regulations, alongside their governance and accountability requirements. The GDPR holds the organisation (known as the Controller or Processor) accountable for certain aspects of data protection compliance. Those who don’t understand these accountability requirements will be putting their organisation at risk. 

Data Protection Training for Data Facing Staff

Personal data facing staff training courses are tailored to match the content published in your organisation’s specific policies and procedures.  The basics of the GDPR and data protection in general are covered, but alongside how they relate to your policies that set out how your organisation’s staff are expected to protect personal data. . This way, staff members not only gain an understanding of data protection, but the content is delivered in a way that relates directly to their role and environment. 

Data Protection Training for Department Managers and Data Owners

Data protection awareness training for department managers and data owners are more in-depth sessions that not only cover the basic awareness requirements, but also the specific organisational issues that each manager or data owner needs to be aware of that relate to their specific departments.

Data Protection Refresher Training

Annual data protection training to ensure data facing staff can demonstrate a minimum level of competency and understanding of data protection requirements over time.

This is normally achieved through relatively short (~20 minute) online training sessions. Staff are informed of recent changes to your data protection policies or practices and their knowledge is confirmed through online assessments.

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GDPR Data Protection Awareness & Compliance Training Courses

“Guidance has been offered at every stage of the project, and we have felt supported in adopting the new GDPR processes. Importantly the task has never seemed overwhelming with their help; we have some 41 retail stores as well as trade locations and warehouses, so it could have been a daunting project, however the team at The DPO Centre never scare-mongered and simply worked diligently and systematically with us, giving us all complete confidence in their work.”

Henrico Doward
Hughes Electrical

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Our Data Protection Courses

We offer three types of data protection and awareness training course. The DPO Centre’s courses can accommodate large groups in seminar presentation format, or small groups in an interactive workshop setting. Sessions can be delivered online or in person or hybrid.

GDPR Seminar Presentations for Staff

Our seminar presentations, delivered online, in person or hybrid, are ideal for larger groups. These sessions can be recorded such that they can then be watched by staff who were unable to attend.

Ideal For: Larger Groups

Interactive Data Protection Workshops

Our interactive data protection workshops are suited to smaller groups.  Smaller numbers enable the sessions to be highly interactive, meaning staff can ask questions throughout.  This ensures the content delivered is highly applicable to the specific issues faced by individual staff members and your organisation in general.  Workshop groups can be organised company wide, or grouped and tailored by department.

Ideal For: Smaller Groups

GDPR Compliance Assessments

Our GDPR compliance assessments are completed online.  These can be standalone, or designed to follow the delivery of each training module.  Their purpose is to confirm that data protection awareness levels remain at your required standard. Being tailored to your policies and procedures and reflecting real-life situations within your company, they are an ideal tool for monitoring standards, mitigating risks and ensuring your internal training records remain up-to-date.

Ideal For: Everyone

Benefits of Data Protection Training

Delivering training in an organisational setting can feel burdensome, but there are many benefits to completing data protection training. The biggest relates to reducing the opportunities for data breaches and the risk of compliance failure, but equally they enable your organisation to demonstrate that you are taking appropriate steps to maintain compliance standards and meet the specific requirements outlined in the GDPR. 

Data protection training from The DPO Centre also increases your organisation’s overall awareness of data protection law and cyber security, reduces the likelihood of human error, and helps you identify and respond to individuals’ rights requests such as Data Subject Access Rights (DSARs). Our training courses, developed through our work with over 900 organisations, will assist the staff within your organisation to gain a deeper understanding of privacy, data protection and data security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a series of FAQs but if you can’t find the answer here please contact us to find out more.

Do my staff need Data Protection Awareness Training?

Data Protection Awareness Training helps your staff understand the basic concepts of the GDPR, compliance and data protection. These courses also enable your organisation to demonstrate that you are taking appropriate measures to ensure compliance. 

What will they learn from their Data Protection Training?

Your staff will learn the basic concepts about data protection, the requirements under data protection law, and the practical information required to protect personal data  within your organisation.

How does your data protection consultancy help my organisation?

Our data protection consultancy provides straightforward, pragmatic, and solution-driven advice. This knowledge is used to understand your organisation’s specific requirements and tailor our training courses to your bespoke needs.  Our data protection training is backed by the expertise within our large team of data protection experts and contributes to your organisation’s ability to demonstrate accountability for data protection law.

How much does Data Protection Training cost?

The fees relating to our training courses vary depending on your organisation’s size and specific needs  and the number of staff included in each session. For a no-obligation proposal tailored to your requirements, please Contact us

What is GDPR staff awareness and compliance training?

GDPR requirements mean that an organisation must take reasonable technical and organisational measures to protect personal data and ensure it is processed in a way that prevents breaches. Our training packages are designed to support the organisational measures and keep staff aware of their obligations under the regulations and help their organisations to  remain compliant with data protection law.  

Who is eligible to take the training course?

At The DPO Centre, we offer a variety of training courses that are tailored to the requirements of staff members at each  level within your organisation. This includes directors and senior stakeholders, general data-facing staff, department managers and data ‘owners’. We also offer short annual refresher courses to ensure data-facing staff remain aware of current GDPR requirements. 

What does GDPR training involve?

We have a range of GDPR training packages that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. This includes seminar presentations for larger groups, bespoke interactive workshops for smaller groups, and online compliance quizzes that ensure staff remain aware of their data protection obligations.

What are the benefits of GDPR training?

Having worked with over 900 organisations, The DPO Centre is able to provide cost-effective training solutions for organisations of all sizes. We have one of the most experienced and qualified data protection teams available and can create bespoke training solutions that will enhance your staff’s knowledge, improve your processes and reduce risk within your organisation. 

What companies can use GDPR training?

Compliance with data protection law is a requirement of essentially every business, so there is no restriction on who should utilize data protection training. We have worked with organisations from a broad range of sectors, covering everything from ecommerce and education, to medical and financial institutions and more.

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Richard Rothon

Director at Unbar Rothon

“The support and advice that they provided throughout the entire process was extremely helpful, in particular, the training sessions were delivered clearly and professionally in a way that made the information easy to understand. Overall, working with the DPO Centre greatly reduced the significant challenge of dealing with this DSAR, and the guidance provided will no doubt prove useful in dealing with any others that we may receive in the future.”

Unbar Rothon

Shirley Aston-Tang

CRM Manager at Mazda UK

“We are very happy with the training service provided by The DPO Centre. The sessions were engaging and highly informative; it was evident that they had spent time understanding our needs and the particular data protection considerations that our Customer Service team need to be aware of. The training sessions have given us even more confidence that we can deal with any data protection issues that arise swiftly and effectively.”