Data Protection Helpline

The DPO Centre advice line supports our Data Protection Officers when providing our Outsourced Data Protection Officer as a service (DPOaaS) or EU Representative services. We also provide this service on a standalone basis to organisations looking for an on-tap Subject Matter Expert (SME) service, but generally only once we’ve had the opportunity to gain a good understanding of your data flows, policies and business processes.

This advice line is especially useful for immediate and comprehensive advice in the event of a data breach or a complicated Data Subject Access Request (DSAR).

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Data Protection Officer on Advice Line

“This is the most thorough and useful advice we’ve ever received, so thank you. Rather than just explaining that we’d need to establish a legitimate interest and ensure that this was not outweighed by the individual’s rights over their data, it explains why such an activity would be unlikely to satisfy the LIA’s balancing test, and suggests some alternative approaches to the request.”


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The advice line is staffed by experienced, qualified DPOs. The service is available during normal business hours Monday to Friday and can be accessed either by email or telephone.

The advice line will answer your data protection queries as and when they arise.

Should detailed knowledge of your organisation be required, the query will be referred to the DPO that has the specific knowledge of your organisation.

We always aim to provide an initial response within 8 working hours or less.

Initial onboarding

Advice line queries often require an understanding of your organisation, data landscape and existing compliance framework. Therefore in order to be able to provide answers to your requests quickly, accurately and comprehensively we first need to conduct an initial compliance review.

This compliance review is an integral element of our onboarding process when we provide our on-site outsourced Data Protection Officer services.


Rapid response to important data protection queries
Qualified, experienced data protection professional always available
Confidence that advice is always at hand
UK and pan European expertise
Pragmatic, straightforward, solution-driven advice based on a pre-existing knowledge of your organisation


We work with organisations in a wide variety of sectors, including:
Medical and Healthcare

Medical and

Software and Technology

Software and

Retail and eCommerce

Retail and

Finance and Insurance

and Insurance

Education, Schools and Colleges

Education, Schools
and Colleges

Charities and Not-for-profit

Charities and

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We’ve compiled a series of FAQs but if you can’t find the answer here please contact us to find out more.

What is the data protection helpline?

In addition to our various data protection consultancy and support services, our helpline serves as an additional support tool that  provides access to our DPO team every working day of the month. It works in tandem with our outsourced data protection officer service to provide full month-round access to a DPO, so can be accessed by our clients whenever a question arises or situation such as a data breach or receipt of a DSAR occurs.

How does the data protection helpline work?

The helpline provides access to our experienced team of data protection officers via phone or email during normal UK business hours, Monday to Friday. The service is invaluable when you require urgent guidance on a data protection related matter that cannot wait until your DPOs next assigned day. 

How much does the advice line cost?

Access to the advice line is based on a fixed monthly fee.  The service can be provided standalone, or combined with our outsourced data protection officer services.  In either case, an onboarding process is required to ensure we understand your data flows, policies and current compliance framework such that we are able to advise you appropriately. 

What are the benefits of using the advice line?

The data protection advice line offers responsive, solution-driven advice to assist you in resolving situations as they arise and ensuring that the correct course of action is taken from the outset. 

Can companies of any size use the helpline?

The DPO Centre has worked with over 900 clients globally.  Typically, our clients are mid-tier organisations, however we have many examples of where we have worked successfully with small organisations all the way through to the largest of corporations. 

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Heather Hunter

Venatorx Pharmaceuticals

“Venatorx is very pleased with the guidance and support that The DPO Centre has provided us to ensure that we meet the legal requirements of GDPR. We are confident in the knowledge that our staff understand their responsibilities and The DPO Centre’s team is on hand to assist when required.”

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Henrico Doward

Hughes Electrical

“Guidance has been offered at every stage of the project, and we have felt supported in adopting the new GDPR processes. The team at The DPO Centre never scare-mongered and simply worked diligently and systematically with us, giving us all complete confidence in their work.”