Data Protection Consultancy

The DPO Centre provides a comprehensive range of data protection consultancy expertise to complement our outsourced DPO and GDPR Representation services. Our consultants bring a fresh perspective to your data protection compliance and help you to understand your data landscape and the steps you need to take to comply with data protection laws.

Our consultancy services are provided by experienced Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.  They are backed up by the shared best practice across our large team and the comprehensive model documentation library that The DPO Centre has developed based on the experience we have gained from working with a varied range of over 500 organisations.


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“We’re in such a strong position with our GDPR compliance thanks to the DPO Centre. For us GDPR compliance is not only a matter of legality, it’s imperative for business continuity and development. We have a clear strategy and approach to make sure our company’s monitoring and application of privacy policies and notices are secure.”

Richard Green
Egress Software

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Why you should use a Data Protection Consultant from the DPO Centre

Our data protection consultancy services provide you with access to our experienced and knowledgeable team of data protection consultants, who will help you to understand and analyse your existing data protection compliance framework, advise on any issues identified and then provide further support to mitigate the risks associated with these issues.

  • Enable your organisation to demonstrate compliance with evolving data protection laws
  • Provide you with visibility of the maturity of your compliance with evolving data protection laws
  • Demonstrate the risks associated with your processing of personal data and areas of weakness that could lead to breaches or compliance failure
  • Assist you to maintain data protection standards and demonstrate accountability
  • Contribute to the ongoing improvement of customer trust and levels of engagement
  • Immediate access to Subject Matter Experts and a broadly experienced team of data protection professionals
  • Removal of the ‘unknowns’ experienced when conducting a similar process internally
  • Peace of mind that the process has been conducted thoroughly by broadly experienced privacy professionals
  • A decrease in the potential for compliance failure across your organisation
  • Substantial reduction in regulatory and reputational risk
  • Ultimately leading to improved trust, increased engagement, elevated reputation – promoting ever-increasing organisational value

Our Data Protection Consultancy Services

The DPO Centre delivers a wide range of data protection consultancy services that we adapt to your organisation’s specific needs.

Examples of these services include:

Compiling an Information Asset Register and Data Mapping ​

  • Identifying the personal data an organisation is responsible for​ either as a Data Controller or as a Data Processor
  • Where the data originates and where it is stored
  • Where and why the data is held and how it is used ​
  • The category, volume and “risk” level associated with the data ​
  • Who is responsible for managing it

Policy Drafting and Review​

  • Privacy and cookie policies​
  • General data protection policy
  • Informed consent forms​
  • Retention policy ​and schedules
  • Various employee handbook policies

Records of Processing Activity (RoPA)​

  • Preparing and maintaining your RoPA​ as required by Article 30
  • Identifying the lawful basis upon which personal data is processed​
  • How, why and with whom data is shared
  • Who has access to the data and why
  • The technical and organisational measures used to protect the data​
  • How long data is retained and how it is deleted

Impact Assessments and Gap Analysis

  • Reviewing the risks associated with how personal data is processed​
  • Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)
  • Conducting Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIAs)
  • Identifying gaps between current practice and best practice​
  • Developing action plans to reduce risk and the opportunity for compliance failure​

Data Protection Training​

Initial and annual data protection training services that embed a data protection culture into your organisation.​

  • Senior managers accountable for data protection ​
  • Information Asset Owners / Department heads responsible for data
  • Data facing staff handling and processing personal data


For more detailed information, see our training services.

Data Sharing and International Transfers ​

  • Advising, drafting and reviewing data processing and data sharing agreements with third parties​
  • Advice on Schrems II and international data transfers
  • Transfer Impact Assessments
  • International data transfer mechanisms and agreements including the use of Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) and derogations


  • Ensure data protection principles are designed into new business activities, systems and platforms, by design​
  • Consideration of the GDPR’s principles at all development phases ​
  • Provision of data protection expertise and advice through all stages of development

Data Protection Readiness

Preparing and supporting organisations through external data protection compliance audits, including:​

  • NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (financial services)
  • Care Quality Commission (medical and healthcare)​
  • Ofsted and ISI (schools and education)
  • Government and commercial Internal Audit (general)​
  • Commercial due diligence for M&A activity

Benefits of Data Protection Consultancy

Due to the depth of knowledge and experience within our team, The DPO Centre’s data protection consultants are able to deliver far greater value to your organisation than is available from an independent contractor or smaller data protection team. We can demonstrate experience across industry sectors and organisation sizes, and our consultants have worked with a wide range of platforms, tools, vendors and software, enabling us to deliver cost-effective informed guidance and appropriate solutions.

Highly cost effective
thumbs up
Experience and shared best practice gained from working with over 500 clients
On-tap resources
Pre-existing model documentation tested and validated across varied industry sectors
Pragmatic, straightforward, solution driven advice
UK and Pan-European expertise ​
Consultant DPO works on-site as part of your team

Data Protection Consultancy for Sectors

Compliance with data protection laws is a necessity for all sectors.  However, each sector has its own specific issues, market expectations, additional industry specific compliance requirements and varying appetites towards risk.

The DPO Centre provides you with immediate access to Subject Matter Experts and a broadly experienced team of data protection professionals, and therefore peace of mind that you are working with one of the largest, most established data protection providers available.

Whether you are within healthcare, tech, retail, eCommerce, finance, insurance, education or a not-for-profit, the breadth of knowledge within our team ensures we deliver the specific sector experience you require, and therefore cater for your unique obligations, commitments and needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a series of FAQs but if you can’t find the answer here please contact us to find out more.

Do I need Data Protection Consultancy?

EU and UK laws require organisations that process data on a large scale or use data regularly and systematically to follow strict data protection and privacy standards. A Data Protection Consultant can help you understand and meet these standards, ensuring your data collection processes are compliant.
For more information, read our guide about why you need a DPO.

What does a Data Protection Consultant do?

A Data Protection Consultant informs and advises your organisation on data protection and sharing. They also oversee risk processes, help you manage communication with the supervisory authorities (such as the ICO), review and update your policies, and ensure individuals can exercise their rights concerning your processing of their personal data.

How does your Data Protection Consultancy help my organisation?

Our team of data protection consultants provide straightforward, pragmatic, solution-driven advice. Our services ensure you get access to the knowledge and expertise you need to understand your environment, identify your data protection risks, reduce opportunities for compliance failure, improve stakeholder engagement and increase customer trust.

How much does the Data Protection Consultancy cost?

Pricing for our data protection consultancy services varies depending on your organisation’s needs and the complexity of your data landscape. For a tailored proposal that is specific to your needs please contact us for further information.

Can a Data Protection Consultancy help with GDPR compliance?

All of the Data Protection Consultants on our team are GDPR experts. The cornerstone of our consultancy services is to help you to implement a framework to improve your organisation’s compliance with the GDPR, reduce risks and improve customer trust.

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Richard Green

Egress Software Technologies Ltd

“We’re in such a strong position with our GDPR compliance thanks to the DPO Centre.  For us GDPR compliance is not only a matter of legality, it’s imperative for business continuity and development.  We have a clear strategy and approach to make sure our company’s monitoring and application of privacy policies and notices are secure.”


Chris Farman

Bristow & Sutor Technical Manager

“We’ve been really pleased with the whole process and the service the DPO Centre has provided.  I’ve been very impressed with the diligence of the work completed by our dedicated DPO, who, I am happy to say, is now working with us as part of Service Agreement with the DPO Centre.

Communication between the DPO, our team and the other organisations we work with has been excellent and this strong working relationship is set to continue and thrive.”

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