UK Data Protection Index


The UK DP index, launched by The DPO Centre and Data Protection World Forum at the end of July 2020, is based on a survey of a panel of UK data protection and privacy professionals that is repeated quarterly to monitor their evolving opinions and industry trends.

We are delighted to present to you the twelfth Index survey report from the ground-breaking UK Data Protection Index. By asking our panel of privacy professionals the same questions each quarter, we can see how the priorities, challenges and attitudes of DPOs across the United Kingdom are evolving over time as the regulatory landscape becomes ever more complex and changeable.

This quarter, we asked our panel of 582 DPOs about a range of important issues, including what they think about the proposed UK Data Protection and Digital Information (No.2) Bill; whether the reforms will be a positive step forward for organisations; will the new legislation cut costs; and is it likely the UK will retain adequacy with the EU?

DP Index June 2023

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