Data Protection for Software & Technology

The development and introduction of new technology has been one of the key drivers for the GDPR and data protection regulations.

New software and technology means large quantities of personal data can be processed, transferred and shared quickly and easily. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated profiling allows for much greater characterisation and segmentation of individuals and enables better targeting and more informed decision making.

The EU and UK GDPR helps to ensure that tech and software organisations respect and protect individuals’ data. To achieve compliance, special consideration must be given to defining the purpose for which the data is used, understanding and mapping your data flows, managing data transfers with third parties – especially if across-borders, and clearly and transparently defining how your organisation is using individuals’ data.

At The DPO Centre, our experts have experience helping software and technology companies manage their data landscape. We help ensure your organisation follows established processes and implements an appropriate compliance framework.

This page explains what data protection legislation means for software & technology organisations and the key areas they need to consider when managing personal data.

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Like all other organisations, software & technology organisations must:

Be transparent in the way they process personal data and accountable for doing so
Be able to detect, manage, report and respond to data breaches including, if necessary, liaising with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
Understand the data they have, where it is stored and who has access to it
Implement robust processes and procedures to protect personal data
Allow users, data subjects and staff to:

  • Access the data stored on them
  • Ensure it is correct and modify it as necessary
  • Have it deleted (unless needed for legitimate reasons)

Appoint a designated data protection officer if they:

  • Are a public body
  • Process data on a large scale
  • Use the data for profiling or automated decision making



We have a range of services designed specifically for software and technology organisations, catering to your unique data protection and compliance concerns. To help you better understand, manage and protect your data, we offer consultancy services, outsourced

Data Protection Officers (DPOs), UK and EU Representatives, staff training and awareness, and our data protection Advice Line.

Outsourced Data Protection Officers

To deal with pressing and complex data protection questions, and to liaise with data subjects and regulatory authorities on your behalf, we offer outsourced DPOs. Our DPOs work as an integral member of your team, helping manage your organisations compliance framework. We assist with your data policy documents, Records of Processing Activities, data sharing and processing agreements, and help you to navigate data subject rights.

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GDPR Representative

As a software development or technology company, you may cater to an international or global customer base. If you process the personal data of residents of the EU or the UK and do not have a physical presence in these territories, then you may need to appoint a GDPR Representative for that territory. We provide EU and UK representatives that enable you to comply with Article 27 of the GDPR, by providing you with the necessary establishment details that include a local phone number, address and email contact details.

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Data Protection Consultancy

Software and technology organisations often have specific concerns when it comes to data processing and navigating the data protection landscape as a whole. Our experienced data protection consultants have the subject matter expertise to offer your company tailored advice and guidance. We help you better understand and manage your personal data, improve transparency, reduce data protection risk, and remove opportunities for compliance failure.

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Data Protection Training

Your organisation won’t be able to comply with data protection standards if your employees lack the firm understanding of how data protection applies to their roles and their duty in enabling your organisation to uphold good standards. In software and tech companies, it’s vital that all staff members understand the basics of data protection as well as the actions they must take to keep your organisation compliant.

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Data Protection Advice Line

Sometimes, your company may have an urgent question or require support to respond to a data protection issue. As part of our outsourced DPO and EU/UK representation services, we provide a helpline staffed by our data protection experts. Your organisation can also access this Advice Line as a standalone service, for when your in-house resources may benefit from access to the additional expertise available from our team.

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Software & Technology organisations must protect personal data in a wide range of their operations. Some major considerations include:

Mapping data flows

  • Clearly defining the purpose that the data is used for
  • Limiting the use solely to the purpose
  • Managing consent
  • Transparently explaining how the data is used to all users
  • Adopting privacy by design principles

Sharing data with others

  • Transfers with 3rd parties
  • Data transfers outside the EU
  • Data processing and data sharing agreements

Handling large quantities of data

  • Appointing a designated DPO
  • Profiling and automated decision making

Data security

  • Maintaining network and server security
  • Data encryption


  • Email systems
  • Staff payroll, pension and HR records
  • Visitors’ book, access and CCTV

Identifying Personal Identifiable Information

  • IP addresses
  • GPS Data
  • Cookies and tracking pixels

Policies and agreements

  • Privacy, retention and data protection policies
  • Staff handbooks
  • Data sharing agreements
  • Data processing agreements


Our team has gained a wide depth of knowledge, through our experience working directly with software, app and game developers, IT, SaaS and tech platform providers on their data protection requirements. With such a wide pool of expertise available from The DPO Centre, you gain far greater value than you would from an independent contracted DPO or smaller firm, but more cost effectively than from a large consultancy or law firm. Our consultants have worked on a wide range of platforms and tools and with many vendors and software, so we’re able to deliver expert guidance and appropriate solutions.

Highly cost effective
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Experience and shared best practice gained from working with over 850 clients
Designated Data Protection Officer working on site with your team
Pre-existing model documentation tested and validated across varied industry sectors
Pragmatic, straightforward, solution-driven advice
UK and Pan-European expertise

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