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An ever-increasing number of organisations rely upon Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data technologies to streamline processes, reduce decision time and identify patterns that represent opportunities to enhance their products, services and business processes.

However, strict transparency of processing requirements exist within data protection law that can conflict with the way in which AI and Machine Learning models are trained and maintained.

Therefore, when personal data is processed by these models, a fundamental requirement exists for organisations to be able to explain the way in which this data is processed by an artificial intelligence.


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AI and the GDPR

UK and EU GDPR laws have disrupted the way organisations around the world are required to protect personal data. The processes through which businesses large and small collect, process and store personal data have irreversibly changed, and as more of these organisations use AI technologies as a part of their business processes, data protection laws are being extended to accommodate these new and emerging technologies.

Organisations that use or plan to use AI technologies need to ensure they understand how data protection legislation is changing .These new regulations are already being set in motion for the new human-machine hybrid working world. The new regulations specifically targeting AI technologies will have an impact on organisations that use AI as a part of their everyday processes, as they govern how systems can be used and introduce enhanced requirements on organisations to consider the wider ethical considerations and the rights of data subjects.

By complying with the requirements of the GDPR and other AI specific data protection laws, you will be able to mitigate the reputational and regulatory risks associated with the use of these technologies and ensure you remain accountable for the personal data processed.


What is an AI Explainability Framework?

An Explainability Framework is the crucial component that builds trust and confidence among staff, system users and wider stakeholders when using AI technologies. Many organisations have found a lack of trust and confidence when these systems are first implemented, which could have been avoided if those affected had been provided with a clear explanation of the system, how and why their data is used and the benefits it brings.

Explainable AI is therefore used to increase confidence, visibility and trust in AI, meaning organisations are able to better adopt these technologies and integrate them into their processes, products and services. Explainability also helps organisations demonstrate a responsible approach to AI development and deployment, as well as enable data subjects to comprehend why and how decisions were made.

Data Protection Index Impact of the DCMS consultation

“It’s been great to work with The DPO Centre, they’ve helped us understand where we are doing data protection well, and where we still have room to grow. Our consultant DPO’s experience on complex government data sharing has helped us to make progress through some really challenging projects to deliver great public benefit. As thought-leaders in the AI sphere, we are champions for the ethical use of novel technology. The DPO Centre’s advice and insight has helped upskill our key staff and strengthen our DPIA process. We look forward to our ongoing work with them.”

Rupert Edwards
Legal Director of FacultyAI

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What Organisations must do when deploying AI Systems

If your organisation is considering deploying AI technologies, there are certain steps you must consider to stay compliant with data protection legislation, including:

  • Understand the types of data you process and where it is stored
  • Conduct assessments to understand how the data processed will affect data subjects’ rights
  • Ensure there are no learned or programmed biases
  • Appoint a Data Protection Officer, especially if processing large amounts of personal data or making automated decisions
  • Fully understand the system being deployed and your accountability requirements
  • Be aware of other legislation, including future regulations and laws being drafted
  • Know the sector and domain your AI technology will operate in, as there may be additional sector-specific considerations

Deploying AI Systems

With new regulations beginning to emerge, specifically targeting the use and deployment of AI systems, your organisation will benefit from having access to an expert in AI-related data protection regulations who can advise you. Our team of AI experts understand the complexities of this emerging new world, and are backed up by the support, shared practices and model documentation we have developed.


Our first step will be to review your organisation’s current data protection procedures, how AI technology is used, its type and what type of data you collect. Our AI specialist will use this information to understand your organisation’s AI requirements and advise you based on our unique Ai Explainability Framework. This framework is tailored to your business and processing requirements to ensure your implementation of AI complies with the GDPR’s accountability, fairness, and transparency requirements. 

Benefits of implementing an AI Explainability Framework

The benefits of implementing The DPO Centre’s Explainability Framework include:

Highly cost-effective services from experienced Data Protection Officers with specific expertise in AI-related data protection requirements
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Hands-on, solution-driven, friendly advice to AI-related questions and queries
A well-established process to implement explainability, enabling you to meet transparency and accountability requirements
Experience and knowledge extracted from years of working with hundreds of clients globally
Access to shared best practices within our wider team who have expertise in areas such as healthcare, life science, tech, research and education
Pre-existing model documentation tested and validated across a variety of industry sectors

AI Explainability Framework Tailored to Specific Sectors

The DPO Centre provides specific and tailored expertise based on your sector and your use of AI technologies. The work we have completed with our broad range of clients means we are able to demonstrate industry specific knowledge and expertise.


Rupert Edwards

Legal Director, FacultyAI

“It’s been great to work with The DPO Centre, they’ve helped us understand where we are doing data protection well, and where we still have room to grow.  The DPO Centre’s advice and insight has helped upskill our key staff and strengthen our DPIA process. We look forward to our ongoing work with them.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AI Explainability?

Currently, there is no legal definition of “AI explainability”. However, to comply with the GDPR’s transparency requirements, you need to explain how your AI system operates. The explanation will articulate the purpose of the AI system, broadly how it works and how its decisions affect data subjects. Whilst specific laws governing the use of AI systems are yet to be introduced, guidance is available from regulators, like the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), that covers what an AI Explainability Framework should look like and what should be included. Working out what needs to be included is complex, even more so depending on the type of AI system being used. Whether your organisation uses a supervised or unsupervised AI system will change the dynamic of your explanation.


Organisations will be expected to consider a host of issues when they draft their AI explanation. Including the domain the technology operates within, the process and expected outcome of the system, the rationale for using the system, the data used in deployment and training, as well as the safety and fairness of the system. This can be very complex for organisations who are solely deploying the technology, rather than also developing it, therefore many will benefit from outsourced guidance.

How does GDPR affect Explainable AI?

Implementing AI Explainability ensures your organisation is not only compliant with the GDPR’s accountability, fairness and transparency principles, but will also ensure that your users get the best experience from your system. Explainability is the basis for improving project success and commercial engagement. Communicating clear and consistent explainability of your AI system will deliver significant commercial benefit as it encourages increased trust, acceptance, confidence and engagement with your system and your organisation as a whole.

What must my organisation do when deploying AI?

When deploying AI technology, organisations need to understand the types of data they’ll process. They will also need to conduct assessments, ensuring there are no embedded biases.  To assist with this process and to provide ongoing advice and guidance, many organisations will be required to, or would benefit from, appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

How can our AI Explainability Framework help?

We assist organisations globally to understand their obligations when adopting and deploying AI technologies. Our experts and AI specialists support and advise our clients,  providing knowledge and experience of explainable AI and the requirement of wider data protection legislation.

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