Interim Support Services

Interim cover, special projects and additional resources 

Alongside our outsourced Data Protection Officer services, The DPO Centre provides experienced and specialist resources to cover your short and mediumterm data protection needsTypical examples include:  

  • Interim cover for maternity, paternity leave, long-term absence or gaps in recruitment  
  • Significant one-off projects requiring expertise and additional data protection resources 
  • Internal and branch data protection audits and spot checks
  • Vendor and partner compliance audits
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisition activities
  • Emergency cover and crisis management 
  • Clearing backlogs of data processing/sharing agreements, outstanding DPIAs and DSARs or extending your Records of Processing Activities RoPA


Each of these services are supported by the knowledge and experience The DPO Centre has gained from working with our 900+ clients.  The dynamic and talented members of our DPO team can be rapidly deployed to put your project and compliance requirements back on track. 

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“As a prominent global media brand employing over 1,000 staff, we take privacy and compliance with data protection regulations extremely seriously.  We required a data protection officer to cover an interim period prior to the recruitment of a new DPO.  This person needed to be highly knowledgeable, able to successfully interpret complex requirements within our multifaceted environment, handle the varied processing and data subject rights issues as they arose and continue to drive positive change through an organisation that has been established for many years.  We found exactly this resource from The DPO Centre.  The DPO who assisted us, was able to start at short notice, very quickly understand our requirements and brilliantly delivered on each of the required aspects of the role – and at a level higher than we had anticipated.”
General Counsel and Company Secretary
Global media organisation

In addition to our interim cover we also offer a wide range of complementary data protection consultancy services.

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If you have an immediate short-term requirement for a DPO or data protection expertise, contact us and we will: 

  • Discuss and agree the level of support and specific skills required 
  • Identify a lead DPO from our team of permanent, full-time employed DPOs to work on-site with you 
  • Provide additional remote or on-site support and resources as required 
  • Provide regular updates to you and where appropriate, report to your senior management team 
  • Ensure a smooth handover back to you upon completion of the project or time period 


Cover delivered at short notice
Experienced, senior DPOs on site
Resources tailored to your requirements available as you need them
Lead DPO supported by DPO Centre subject matter experts as required
Wide and varied industry sector expertise
Highly cost effective


We work with organisations in a wide variety of sectors, including:

Medical and Healthcare

Medical and

Software and Technology

Software and

Retail and eCommerce

Retail and

Finance and Insurance

and Insurance

Education, Schools and Colleges

Education, Schools
and Colleges

Charities and Not-for-profit

Charities and

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In addition to our interim cover we also offer a wide range of complementary data protection consultancy services.

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Cameron McAnsh


“The DPO Centre has been a great help in identifying where improvements were needed and implementing the appropriate solutions.

Our outsourced DPO from The DPO Centre is able to provide our GDPR team with the right advice and support when they require, enabling them to keep progressing towards achieving our long-term data protection goals.”

Kynetec Kleffmann

James Yates

Shard Capital

“We are really pleased with our DPO from The DPO Centre, who understood our needs and was able to translate them into a workable plan that has greatly assisted our business’s compliance journey. The DPO Centre’s advice and support has assisted us in ensuring that our compliance level has remained high despite the challenges that rapid growth presents.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a series of FAQs but if you can’t find the answer here please contact us to find out more.

What does an interim data protection officer do?

An interim data protection officer (DPO) provides access to a suitably qualified and experienced privacy professional to cover short to medium-term staff absences within your organisation. The service ensures that your obligations under data protection law are maintained to a high standard by experienced, senior staff who are available to your organisation at short notice. 

When can my organisation use an interim data protection officer?

In most cases, organisations request cover for staff that are on maternity or paternity leave, long-term absence or to fill a position until a new permanent member of staff is hired. Interim DPOs can also be useful for large projects that require additional support. 

How much does an interim data protection officer cost?

The fees associated with engaging with an interim data protection officer vary depending on the scope of the role to be covered and the duration of the engagement. An interim DPO can also be a cost-effective alternative to employing a full-time DPOand can be more cost-effective in the longer term.  A DPO Centre DPO also means you have access to a much larger team of privacy professionals and a far greater pool of knowledge and expertise than is ever available from a single individual. 

Does my organisation need an interim DPO?

Under the GDPR, the threshold for appointing a DPO is not clearly defined, as it is mostly based upon if you process personal data (especially special category ‘sensitive’ personal data) on a ‘large scale’.  Therefore, organisations must decide if they meet this criteria.  The DPO Centre can assist you with this decision. 

What is the minimum amount of time I can hire an interim DPO for?

The DPO Centre provides access to our team of qualified and experienced DPO from as little as 1 day per month, through to 3 days per week. With one of the largest and most experienced DPO teams available, we are able to match the specific requirements of your organisation with the perfect interim DPO from our team and at short notice.