Data Protection White Papers

Since coming into force, the EU and UK GDPR, PECR, and the Data Protection Act 2018 has required organisations to do more than ever before when protecting personal data.

Data protection can be complex and confusing in its nature, and as a business and employer, you are responsible for ensuring that your processing remain compliant. The DPO Centre have created a variety of informative, free-to-download white papers that provide you with a clear road map to guide you on several key topics.

CCTV Whitepaper

If your company installs CCTV on its premises, you are deemed a “data controller” and will therefore be responsible for complying with data protection legislation.

DSAR Whitepaper

Data Subjects have the right to know if your organisation is processing their personal data, and provided with a copy of such personal data.

RoPA Whitepaper

A key part of complying with the demands for accountability and transparency for most organisations is building and maintaining a Record of Processing Activities (RoPA).

Tackling complex DSARs

Several challenges can make responding to a DSAR particularly difficult, and how they can be dealt with. Bought to you by Exiger and The DPO Centre.

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