Life sciences playbook & factsheet

Organisations in the life sciences sector face specific and unique data protection challenges, especially those conducting clinical trials. 

Successful research projects can yield ground-breaking discoveries and innovative treatments, yet the mishandling of personal data can lead to penalties and damage the reputation of an organisation. Adhering to data protection legislation is not only a legal requirement, but also imperative for trust and confidence. 

Clinical trials usually involve the collection and processing of sensitive information such as health records, genetic information, and biometric data. The EU and UK data protection laws classify this as ‘special category data’. 

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the UK’s post-Brexit adoption of the legislation as the UK GDPR, have specific requirements for any organisation processing special category data. Navigating the complexities of these data protection regulations for EU and UK residents can be challenging. 


Data protection compliance for the life sciences 

The DPO Centre has one of the largest teams of outsourced Data Protection Officers (DPOs) with specific industry expertise for the life sciences. From trial submission to completion, we make sure every step is compliant and secure. 

To help you get everything in place, we have compiled a handy playbook and factsheet, with essential information and tips. 


 The factsheet includes information about: 

  • What the GDPR means for life sciences organisations 
  • Key factors to consider when protecting personal data 
  • Managing sensitive information 
  • Other complementary regulations 


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The playbook covers details of: 

  • Lawful bases for processing personal data 
  • Contracts and agreements 
  • International data transfers 
  • GDPR checklist 


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European Clinical Trials And The GFPR

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