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The DPO Centre offers GDPR and Data Protection services to help your organisation understand your data landscape and the best practice steps required to demonstrate compliance with data protection laws and regulations. We specialise in providing tailored data protection support, advice, and expertise to your organisation, wherever you are based.

We have a range of solutions from tailored consultancy services to outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) support that are backed up by the support, shared best practice, and model documentation developed from The DPO Centre’s experience of working with over 900 organisations globally. Whether you need a consultant, DPO, or GDPR Representative, our knowledgeable and experienced team delivers the specialist advice and expertise you require.

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Data Protection Officer

“We’ve built a strong ethos of data protection throughout the entire organisation and having a highly knowledgeable outsourced DPO from the DPO Centre has been integral to enabling us to achieve this. Our DPO has been able to advise on a wide range of legislative changes and how we should manage our fundraising activities whilst still protecting our donors’ privacy and their new rights under data protection law.”

Emma Fuller

“The response time to queries has been spot on throughout our time with The DPO Centre and the quality of the responses has been spot on. Our DPO from the DPO Centre is an asset to our team.”

Foreign Exchange Services company

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Our Data Protection Services

Our range of services have been designed to address each of your organisation’s data protection concerns. We provide consultancy services, outsourced DPOs, GDPR Representatives, Caldicott Guardians for medical organisations, staff training and awareness and a data protection advice line manned by our large team of expert DPOs. 

Outsourced Data Protection Officers

Our outsourced DPO service provides you with one or more highly experienced DPOs from our large team.  Our DPOs work with you, either on-site or remotely, as an integral member of your team. Our expert DPOs provide advice and guidance and can manage your compliance framework, including your policy documents, data maps and RoPA, DPIAs and assessments, data sharing and processing agreements, data subjects rights responses and documentation, as well as your risk and breach registers.

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GDPR Representative

If you process personal data on EU or UK residents, but you don’t have a physical presence in these territories, then you may need to appoint a Representative under Article 27 of the GDPR. Our EU and UK representation service provides the expertise to construct your Records of Processing Activities (RoPA) and then the necessary establishment details, local telephone number and translation service in the UK and any of the EU 27 member states.

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Data Protection Consultancy

Our experienced team of data protection consultants deliver tailored advice and guidance and a wide range of specific services that assist you to better understand your data.  Engaging our services will help you to improve transparency, reduce data protection risk and the opportunities for compliance failure.  Benefits include improved customer trust, increased loyalty and higher levels of engagement.


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Data Protection Training

We deliver data protection training and awareness courses for your various levels of staff that are tailored to your organisation’s policies and procedures.  This means that your staff will not only be trained in the requirements of data protection law, but also in the specific requirements and expectations of your policies and procedures.  This therefore supports your organisation in demonstrating compliance with data protection law, as well as improving accountability for the personal data you process.


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Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

The National Health Service (NHS) Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is an online self-assessment tool that all organisations accessing NHS patient data must complete on an annual basis. The DPO Centre can help you complete the assessment, as well as identify gaps in your data security and protection practices and provide you with all the relevant documentation.


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Caldicott Guardians

The DPO Centre provides outsourced Caldicott Guardian services to UK National Health Service (NHS) organisations, their suppliers and social care providers who are required to appoint a Caldicott Guardian.  The role is required to ensure qualifying organisations adhere to the “Caldicott principles” relating to the protection of patient data. 


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Data Protection Advice Line

Our advice line is staffed by our large team of experienced DPOs.  The service is an integral element of our outsourced DPO and EU/UK representation services, however we also offer standalone access to the service to act as a helpline for organisations seeking subject matter expertise and access to a wider pool of knowledge and experience than is available from in-house resources.


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AI Explainability

The DPO Centre provides an established AI explainability framework alongside specific and tailored expertise based on your sector and your use of AI technologies. Explainable AI (XAI) ensures your organisation is not only compliant with the GDPR’s accountability, fairness and transparency principles, but will also ensure that your users get the best experience from your system.


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Benefits of Our Outsourced Data Protection Services

Due to the depth of knowledge and experience within our team, The DPO Centre’s services deliver far greater value to your organisation than is available from an independent contractor or smaller data protection team. We can demonstrate experience across the range industry sectors and organisation sizes, and our consultants have worked with a wide range of platforms, tools, vendors and software, enabling us to deliver cost-effective informed guidance and appropriate solutions.

Highly cost effective
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Experience and shared best practice gained from working with over 900 clients
Designated Data Protection Officer working on site with your team
Pre-existing model documentation tested and validated across varied industry sectors
Pragmatic, straightforward, solution-driven advice
UK and Pan-European expertise

Data Protection solutions for Sectors

Every sector requires data protection solutions, but not every sector faces the same issues. Levels of risk vary depending on industry-specific compliance standards and market expectations. The DPO Centre understands the particular requirements of your sector and our experts can offer bespoke solutions for your organisation.

Our Subject Matter Experts have broad experience providing data protection and compliance services for various sectors. We also offer peace of mind that you are working with one of the largest, most established data protection service providers available. 

No matter your industry, our expert DPOs can create tailored solutions to meet your needs and ensure compliance.


Chris Farman

Bristow & Sutor Technical Manager

“Communication between the DPO, our team and the other organisations we work with has been excellent and this strong working relationship is set to continue and thrive”


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