June 10, 2024

Compliance with the AI Act: What you need to know

Our Compliance with the AI Act blog series explores what you need to know about the upcoming legal obligations of deploying certain artificial intelligence (AI) technologies […]
December 22, 2023

Data Protection in 2023: A year in review

This year has seen significant progress in the data protection industry, with many new privacy laws being enacted across the globe. In this blog, we look […]
July 10, 2023

AI and GDPR compliance

Introduction to AI and GDPR compliance Since the release of ChatGPT last year, there have been widespread concerns within the community of lawmakers and regulators about […]
August 22, 2022

The do’s and don’ts of processing biometric data

The use of biometric data has very much been cemented into our everyday lives, from unlocking our phones and laptops, accessing online banking, even clocking in […]
May 25, 2022

Happy Birthday GDPR: Looking into the Future Technology and Global Privacy

With the EU GDPR turning four years old this week, we thought it was only fitting to talk about what the next four years could look […]
April 19, 2022

AI and Article 22: The need for meaningful human review

When it comes to decision making, AI can assist a human in making decisions, or it can be used to make decisions completely independently without human […]
March 7, 2022

Discrimination and AI: ensuring fairness in data

In the first of our AI blog mini-series, we mentioned the importance of ensuring that AI systems’ machine learning (ML) algorithms are not subject to intentional, […]
January 24, 2022

AI and the right to an explanation

In our first AI blog, we briefly discussed the right of data subjects to be informed of how their personal data is being processed and for […]
November 15, 2021

DPIAs and AIAs: The AI data controller’s best friends

In the first of our AI blog mini-series, we mentioned that Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Algorithm Impact Assessments (AIAs) will likely become a data […]
October 4, 2021

Five key considerations for the use of AI

A survey conducted by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has found that many businesses now see AI as an ‘emerging technology’. Of the organisations that responded, 27% stated that they […]
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