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The latest research from a global study conducted by Veritas Technologies, has revealed that UK consumers have little trust in organisations to safeguard their own personal data. With countless companies suffering data breaches and hackers seemingly smarter than we can fathom, nearly 40% of UK consumers believe most businesses do not know how to protect […]

Here’s the big belief many people have – GDPR is just another set of regulations that won’t be enforced. The truth is if you aren’t keeping up to date with these changes, it could cost you more than you think. So if one of the questions you’re asking yourself is “do I need a Data […]

Let’s clear one thing up straight away – when we talk about a Data Protection Officer, or DPO, it is the role that is important, so you may not need a full-time employee; rather as you might use a payroll service, as and when needed might be all you require.  Also, to be really picky, […]

The actual role of Data Protection Officer requires a polymath with a considerable range of skills who operates rather like a regulator within your organisation.  Specifically, they must not be subject to an internal conflict of interest, as they report to the most senior level of management.  Therefore a senior executive, or a solicitor from […]