Sheringham Woodfields School

Sheringham Woodfields is a purpose-built Learning and Cognition Specialist School based in Sheringham, England.  It has been granted ‘Outstanding’ status and has provision for 90 pupils aged 3-19 years with a diverse range of special educational needs who work at different levels of intellectual ability.

The school handles sensitive pupil data, so needed to find an organisation with the necessary depth of sector experience to help it fulfil all it’s GDPR requirements.


  • Handling sensitive pupil data which is required in various locations around the school site
  • Data security
  • Data minimisation


To begin with The DPO Centre undertook a coherent data discovery exercise which identified key areas that would require attention. An extensive Impact Assessment was then initiated establishing a school-wide plan for handling pupil and staff data. A main area that was identified was data minimisation of pupil medical information at various locations around the school site and how this data is used.

Matthew Smith, School Business Manager, says: “It’s been so helpful working with The DPO Centre, it’s been a straight forward process and the work conducted has been thorough.”


Sheringham Woodfields have put in place the recommendations suggested by The DPO Centre and now have the relevant data protection policies to ensure pupil and staff information are safe. The school has an ongoing relationship with its designated DPO, who is available to answer queries and questions that may arise.

Matthew says: “We have been given reassurance by our DPO and we’re pleased to have an ongoing relationship to ensure complete confidence in the important data protection for pupils and staff at our school. We expect the highest standards throughout all areas of our school, and working with The DPO Centre has ensured the best data protection for everyone concerned.”