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How we help

We take the stress out of your compliance with GDPR. We train your staff to help them make better decisions, we perform impact assessments to evaluate compliance and recommend actionable solutions, and then where required, we provide you with an experienced DPO to ensure your organisation gains ongoing value from your investment in compliance.

GDPR Data Protection Awareness & Compliance Training Courses

Awareness and Training

Your biggest risk to data protection is not related to IT, it’s your people. By starting with people first, we help create a culture of awareness, understanding and best practice, where data protection is key.

GDPR Data Privacy & Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Impact Assessments

In order to know what to do, you need to know where you are. Impact assessments define the roadmap, giving you visibility of your data, and control over budgets, resources requirements and timescales.

GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO) Outsourcing Services

Data Protection Officers

A DPO is the cornerstone of your ongoing compliance. They advise, implement and monitor; but most of all, they provide the guidance that ensures you get the highest return from your investment in data protection.

The DPO Centre provides Data Protection Officers across the UK

From just a few hours per quarter to multiple days per month, our experienced DPOs deliver the resources you need to smooth your path to compliance.

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National Coverage

Whether you’re based in Aberdeen or Margate, Newcastle or Exeter or anywhere in between, we provide the dedicated DPO resources you need, when you need them.

Available when you need us

Our DPOs provide a scheduled ongoing personal service, along with additional support delivered on-site, or through our National Advice Line, on an as and when needed basis.

Team of experts

All our DPOs are experienced and knowledgeable data protection professionals, backed up by a national support network and advice line that are all dedicated to your needs.

Significant cost savings

Skilled and experienced DPOs are increasingly hard to find. By using The DPO Centre, you gain access to the exact level of resource you need, but at a fraction of the overall cost.

The DPO Centre



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