GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO) Outsourcing Services

Historically, only larger organisations have been required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), however, the GDPR has changed this almost entirely by making it obligatory for all public bodies (which includes state schools and NHS surgeries, and most organisations obliged to respond to Freedom of Information requests) as well as all organisations that process certain types or amounts of data, to appoint a DPO.  This means that potentially, even a sole trader (processing specific types of data) may now need to recruit the services of a DPO.

What hasn’t changed, is the fact that the cost of recruiting, managing and providing training for such a wide spectrum of skill sets is complex, time consuming, sometimes a little hit and miss and, of course, expensive.

You also have to tread carefully regarding ‘conflict of interest’.  Broadly, the role of a DPO is to act for what is right for the data subject, whereas a director or senior executive within an organisation has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the organisation. In many cases, these two interests can be opposing and therefore, conflict.

The DPO Centre provides outsourced Data Protection Officer services on a ‘fractional’ basis.  We therefore provide exactly the amount of time and resource that is appropriate to the needs and requirements of your individual organisation.  This enables you to avoid all these recruitment and retention issues and provides the highly skilled, broadly experienced individual you need, at the right times and at a much lower overall cost.

You will also benefit from access to our national Data Protection Help Line that is available to answer any immediate questions you may have and at the times when your specific DPO is not on-site.

To discuss how the DPO Centre can provide the exact resources you need, contact us now to find out more.

GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO) Outsourcing Services
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