Positive Steps PT

Positive Steps is Suffolk’s leading specialist in Nordic walking.  It also hosts trial challenge events and races from 5km to 100km, across East Anglia.  All of its races have UK Athletics permits.  There’s also a Personal Training element to the organisation to help members get fitter, lose weight or recover from injury.


  • Sensitive Medical Data
  • Lack of Privacy Policies and Notices
  • No Retention Policies in Place


The DPO Centre provided templates to address the various policy areas that required attention and suggested staff/volunteer training on the new process.

There was a stringent review of forms to be completed at events to only include the minimum amount of data, in line with the data minimisation principle of the GDPR.

Positive Steps PT also implemented a check in and check out process for documents that are given out to walk leaders.

Guidance was given on general best practice solutions for better digital and paper security processes.


Kevin Marshall (founder of Positive Steps PT) said:

“I feel 100% satisfied with the support from the DPO Centre.  Instead of feeling panicked and overwhelmed with the work we had to do, I felt totally supported through a coherent action plan to help us progress, backed up by a straightforward ‘traffic light’ based action plan which has worked perfectly for us.”

“Overall, I have been well supported throughout the whole process.  Plus it’s been really cost-effective for my business to enlist the help of the DPO Centre – not only was I able to get a full impact assessment of my business and resolutions to the issues identified but I have received training on so many aspects of the GDPR, it’s been fantastic!”

Positive Steps

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December 17, 2018
Positive Steps

Positive Steps PT

This is a case study
December 14, 2018
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