Bristow & Sutor

Bristow and Sutor is a leading Enforcement Agent company working across England and Wales. The company, founded in 1979, is one of the most renowned and respected organisations within this specialist industry. Bristow and Sutor currently works with 140 Local Government Authorities, supporting them to raise debt recovery rates by providing services ranging from collecting unpaid council tax and parking charges through to lawful, transparent, fair but firm enforcement.


  • Special category personal data
  • Processes needing upgrading through “Privacy by Design”
  • Updating policies and documentation


After Initial consultation, the DPO Centre worked with the Bristow and Sutor team to undertake a business wide data protection impact assessment (DPIA).  This led to a strategic action plan outlining the steps required for Bristow and Sutor to achieve GDPR compliance.

By using a Privacy by Design approach, the DPO Centre’s Data Protection Officer made a series of comprehensive recommendations to the Bristow and Sutor team on how to improve data management and security.  Implementing these recommendations created smoother business processes and reduced administrative time and cost.

The DPO assisted in updating policies and contracts in line with the new regulation and provided ongoing advice, training and assistance with decision making across the organisation.


Chris Farman, Bristow and Sutor Technical Manager, says: “We’ve been really pleased with the whole process and the service the DPO Centre has provided.  I’ve been very impressed with the diligence of the work completed by our dedicated DPO, who, I am happy to say, is now working with us as part of Service Agreement with the DPO Centre.  She’s ensured a smooth transition for our company in moving towards GDPR compliancy.

Communication between the DPO, our team and the other organisations we work with has been excellent and this strong working relationship is set to continue and thrive.”

Business people negotiating a contract.

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