Return-to-Work Compliance Check

Preparing for the post COVID-19 era

The UK is slowly edging towards its ‘new normal’ post COVID-19, where remote working, social distancing and health monitoring at work are within this norm.  As workplaces gradually reopen and prepare for staff to return to work, all organisations, regardless of size, will be required to adapt their policies and processes and collect more personal data, much of it sensitive, in order to meet these new requirements.

Despite the commercial challenges being faced by so many, compliance with the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 remains a requirement for all organisations, therefore these new, likely more complex processing activities pose a real and identifiable risk that needs to be addressed.

How we can help

The cost-effective solution we provide examines the range of data protection related issues your organisation will need to consider for those staff members who remain working remotely, alongside those that are required to return to work, and then the new ways in which employees may want, or be required to work, until the pandemic has passed.

DPOs from our qualified and experienced team will review your new processing demands and ensure you receive practical and actionable guidance, providing you with the peace of mind you need, and ensuring your continued compliance with data protection laws.

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“From the start we have had a brilliant experience working with The DPO Centre and our primary point of contact. Everything has been clearly explained at every stage of the process.”

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“We receive practical, pragmatic assistance which has been delivered in a reasoned and constructive way.”

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The DPO Centre’s unique COVID-19 gap analysis and review, this fixed price compliance check process includes:

  • Discussions with your key stakeholders to understand your current and proposed processing activities
  • An assessment of the compliance risks associated with those activities
  • Confirmation you have appropriate lawful bases to process the personal data required
  • Advice relating to appropriate sharing of employee health data, appropriate data retention policies and the processing of subject access requests
  • A review of each of your relevant employee, remote working and IT policies
  • The provision of a detailed gap analysis and recommendations report containing each of the practical and actionable steps you will need to take
  • Free access to any of our model policy documents, processes and registers required
  • Confirmation that you are taking the most appropriate steps to ensure the safety of your employees
  • Peace of mind that you are complying with the laws and significantly reducing your future risks


A comprehensive, cost-effective solution that provides your organisation with the expert advice and guidance you need to ensure you process personal data lawfully, reduce potential future risks and ensure the safety of your employees, and all while requiring the minimum of input from your internal resources.

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Provides you with peace of mind
Fixed price and clearly defined outcome
Delivered quickly and at short notice
Delivered without significant impact on internal resources
Confirms you are using appropriate lawful bases and communicating correctly
Clarity on the right steps, responses and actions to take

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