Continued and unhindered data flows are vitally important to both the UK and EU economies.  Currently, the GDPR sets the framework to allow free transfers of personal data by providing safeguards to ensure EU residents have control over their own data. It also provides transparency as to how it is used and protection from misappropriation […]

Regardless of size, the GDPR (and of course in the UK the DPA 2018) will impact all businesses, especially those processing large amounts of personal data or special category (sensitive) data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the EU wide regulation that has been enforceable from the 25th May 2018. The Data Protection Act […]

Oh goodness, please defend us from acronyms. OK, DPB = Data Protection Bill and GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation, so what is the difference? The answer is just the shameless opportunism of politicians, and the current schism that festers regarding whether Europe is a good thing or not. So, just to put things in […]

Almost certainly you will not know – why would you?  GDPR introduces totally new rules and concepts so you will not have catered for them before.  The very first starting point being that the leadership of an organisation has to understand what those are and how they have to be managed.  The DPO Centre addresses […]

More regulation and more cost, do you regard that as a bore or an opportunity for profit?  Let us examine the positives, starting with the value of reviewing your policies on the collection, storage, use and permissioning of the information you hold.  Probably this is not something you would set out to do without some […]

Google ‘Subject Access Requests’ and you will find a number of template letters designed for the consumer to send to an organisation.  Read them and you will see that they are scary stuff, perfectly designed to provide ‘ambulance chasing’ lawyers with a new opportunity when PPI claims come to an end.  Our task at The […]

Oh my goodness, “lies, damned lies and statistics”.  The surprise in this headline is that it implies that 39% are ready, to which we would associate some doubt!  Why is that? Well, first, because most working people are busy enough just keeping pace with their everyday job without having to take something else on board.  […]