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The latest research from a global study conducted by Veritas Technologies, has revealed that UK consumers have little trust in organisations to safeguard their own personal data. With countless companies suffering data breaches and hackers seemingly smarter than we can fathom, nearly 40% of UK consumers believe most businesses do not know how to protect […]

What do you call sophisticated malicious software that has been designed with outstanding evasion and infection capabilities, which avoids being detected –  and can remain hidden for extended periods of time as it conducts complex and damaging cyberattacks? Did you even know that such code existed? There are criminal organisations that dominate this dark space […]

Oh goodness, please defend us from acronyms. OK, DPB = Data Protection Bill and GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation, so what is the difference? The answer is just the shameless opportunism of politicians, and the current schism that festers regarding whether Europe is a good thing or not. So, just to put things in […]

First of all, let us get to a base of understanding.  The most important thing that your staff must recognise is that they are all now personally involved in data privacy in a manner that was never the case before.  Once upon a time there was something called the Data Protection Act, which was a […]