Brexit Readiness Check

Preparing for the post Brexit world

The Brexit transition clock is ticking. If you operate across Europe or other countries outside the UK, you need to ensure you have taken the required steps prior to Brexit. It is vital that you have a thorough understanding of the implications, the preparations that need to be made, and the steps that need to be taken prior to Exit Day, now confirmed as the 31st of December 2020, 11pm UK time.

How we can help

The Brexit readiness check process we provide we examine the range of data protection related issues your organisation will need to consider prior to Exit Day. DPOs from our qualified and experienced team will review your new processing demands and ensure you receive practical and actionable guidance, providing you with the peace of mind you need, and ensuring your continued compliance with data protection laws.


“From the start we have had a brilliant experience working with The DPO Centre and our primary point of contact. Everything has been clearly explained at every stage of the process.”

Josie Hopps
Ufford Park Hotel


The DPO Centre’s unique Brexit readiness check includes:

    • Review of your processing activities, your cross border data transfers and their lawful basis
    • An assessment of the compliance risks associated with those activities
    • Confirmation of Controller/Processor responsibilities and any requirement for EU/UK Representation
    • The provision of a detailed recommendations report containing each of the practical and actionable steps you will need to take
    • Policy, process and agreement updates where necessary
    • Peace of mind that you are complying with the laws and significantly reducing your organisation’s future privacy risks


A comprehensive, cost-effective solution that provides your organisation with the expert advice and guidance you need to ensure you understand the steps required, you process personal data lawfully and you reduce potential future risks, and all while requiring the minimum of input from your internal resources.

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Provides you with peace of mind
Cost effective solution
Delivered quickly and at short notice
Delivered without significant impact on internal resources
Confirms you are using appropriate lawful bases and communicating correctly
Clarity on the right steps, responses and actions to take

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