The DPO Centre offers partnership opportunities to a wide range of organisations, with the ideal partnership being where the benefits are mutual and both parties give and gain in equal measure.

We partner with national industry bodies, membership organisations, associations, regional business support agencies and chambers of commerce, that each have a duty to advise, inform and educate their members on issues such as data protection compliance.  We help them to deliver training and awareness programs to their members, and provide experts to speak at their events.  We can also provide discounted impact assessment and DPO services as a benefit to their members, adding value to their membership offer.

We also partner with specialist skills providers who complement our expertise and service delivery and where there is the clear opportunity to exchange referrals.  These include IT support organisations, CCTV installers and monitoring providers, cyber security and penetration test companies, HR consultants, solicitors and accountants

We support borough and county councils and actively partner with the support and advisory organisations that represent the ‘public bodies’ identified under the GDPR (such as schools) where we can provide a ‘group wide’ DPO service across a large number of small organisations and provide a co-ordinated collective based service at a fraction of the cost when compared to if arranged individually.

If you are from one of these types of organisations, or you would like to discuss a further or alternative partnership opportunity, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Simplifying GDPR & Data Protection Compliance